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cinod aims to facilitate the technical communication between the typical structures theaters or theaters, and tour managers

For free you have access to a form by clicking on the link that you received said “secret link”. This link can be shared internally. It allows you to complete and update your information which will be accessible free of charge to any users of the cinod site.

If you lose the link, only the technical manager registered as such can retrieve it from his mailbox by simply filling in his email address

In this form, the yellow boxes are the minimum information you need to fill in, including the online address of your technical information if it exists.
This form corresponds to the information generally requested by all the managers that allows them to work more efficiently without systematically searching your pdf documents.
So filling all the fields offered is useful even if it is redundant with your documents.
In the lighting section A grill section
This form is subject to change.
Cinod will not be held responsible if errors appear on the sheet of your room.
At least once a year you will receive a reminder to check and update your data.
After 3 reminders and without answer from you your card will be identified as not updated and will be materialized by a red border. .
The premium version of Cinod will allow you to make virtual tours with 2D plans or annotated 360deg photo / plan images.
You will have access to an administration page that will allow you to draw plans to scale and materialize your photos on the map and eventually annotate them. Your space will also allow you to offer to download your different pdf or other files.